“Gaia” – a Greek word meaning Earth
“Sophia” – a Greek word for Wisdom

Gaia Sophia draws upon the Wisdom of the Earth, and Nature
as a model for sustainable healthy living

Gaia Sophia Center for Well Being is an education-based healing center located in the verdant heart of the organic farming community of Oregon’s beautiful Applegate Valley. We have combined Karen’s 33 years in the fields of Classical Homeopathy, Raw & Living Foods, and Midwifery  with Antonio’s extended knowledge of Biodynamic gardening, Ayurvedic diet & nutrition, and Homeopathy, and their mutual love of service and passion for assisting in the current shift from a medical model of sick-care to a new paradigm of personal responsibility and empowerment through education and commitment to the health of people and planet .

This web-site was created in response to the growing number of students and clients who have requested an organized way to receive the kind of information they have experienced in our consultations, lectures, local study groups, and classes.

The intention of Gaia Sophia Center for Well Being is to give students, clients and practitioners wonderful opportunities to access classes, study groups, retreats and consultations in a safe and beautiful setting to receive education and information, where they can experience hands-on learning in an atmosphere of support and inspiration. We would love to guide and journey with those interested in homeopathic first aid for themselves, their family, their pets or their clients. Eventually we intend to expand our services to include on-line study and guidance.

Karen Rae Ferreira CCH,

  • began the study and practice of homeopathy in 1979, and received her national certification in 1995
  • has served communities primarily in Southern Oregon, as well as on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona
  • has also been teaching Homeopathic First Aid, and Homeopathy for the Childbearing Years, for birth attendants and families since l990
  • Since the late 1980’s has assisted doctors and other health practitioners in First Aid Stations at large and small gatherings
  • has created Medicine Wheels – Mobile Green Medical Unit.

Antonio Peixinho Ferreira FRC, a native of Brazil,

  • has taught Natural Foods preparation, emphasizing basic Ayurvedic principles since the 1980’s
  • began to study  Rudolph Steiner’s Biodynamic garden principles in 1973
  • has applied those teachings in 14 countries in north and south American countries
  • is a passionate student of homeopathy since 1991
  • is fluent in three languages, his first language is Brazilian Portuguese, English is his second language, and Spanish is his third.


Together the two are the owners and founders of Gaia Sophia Center for Well Being, the Southern Oregon based home of their practice, which they have mobilized many times to serve on the Navajo Reservation and in several north and south American countries. They are also the founders and directors of the Indigenous Peoples Project, which served 1500 members of over 70 Native American Nations, offering to individuals and families cost-free health care services, products, education, and helped to create and inspire organic vegetable gardens on the reservation. They enjoy living rurally, on an organic farm. Their six children are all beautiful and healthy adults who were for the most part home schooled, home birthed, raised without vaccinations, antibiotics, or other medical drugs and interventions.

The Gaia Sophia vision of health care
regards the person as a totality of body, mind and spirit,
living intrinsically in harmony with their society and their earthly and celestial environments,
recognizing inter-dependence of all parts and the Whole,
acknowledging that what is healthy for the individual
must also be what is healthy for the planet we share and depend upon for harmonious living.
Gaia Sophia offers support for
individuals, families, communities and planet,
encouraging empowerment through education.
Seeing nature as a model of our vibrant self-healing capabilities,
we learn and practice ways of returning to an optimal state of
health and freedom from suffering or limitation.